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Getting proper automotive service for your car is not a luxury but rather a necessity that ensures you drive safely and enjoy your day. We provide full service for your vehicle and know how to work with it, regardless of what model you drive.

We prioritize your comfort and safety — our great services are always affordable, quick, and customer-oriented. No matter if you need serious automotive repair in Hamilton or just a consolation about some minor issues, we will gladly help you out!

Auto Shop in Hamilton

Automotive Services We Provide

Our professionals have affluent experience working with all sorts of cars. We have all the expertise and knowledge to provide the following auto services:

Oil is what brings your car to life. Therefore, it is evident that the oil you use must be appropriate and changed regularly. Invest in preventive maintenance of your auto with professional services and regular oil changes and filter changes to avoid expensive auto repairs after!

Obviously, brake dysfunction can lead to disasters. Regular checks and quality service can help you ensure that you are always safe — it is best to do it annually.

Our car repair shop in Hamilton has a wide variety of tires to find new tires that fit your auto. We can also change them and provide car dealership services for you quickly and effectively.

Tires can either help you move smoothly or turn your road into a rollercoaster. Our professional staff provides excellent services: repair, flat tire change, maintenance, winter tire change, etc.

We provide quality suspension system inspections to make sure you and your vehicles are always safe on the road. Our experts easily find problems and know how to provide efficient repairs.

There are many ways your windshield may get damaged. Regardless of whether you want to fix your old ones or get a replacement, we can solve all your issues.

One of the most important things you need for your car to run smoothly is for your wheels to be well-aligned so that you can easily avoid bump damage. We use the best equipment to estimate your wheel alignments and improve them.

Drivers do not always find it easy to spot existing problems in their cars. Having experts regularly check your auto during safety inspections is the key to maintaining it in a good state and being safe on the road.

A properly maintained exhaust system is crucial for preventing toxic carbon monoxide from getting into your car and minimizing exhaust noise, which translates into a safer and quieter ride.

Taking care of your fleet vehicles is critical to an efficient and productive business. Your fleet management strategy should include regular maintenance to ensure your team’s safety, prevent costly repairs, and minimize downtime.

If you start noticing that your car’s performance is not up to the mark, it could be high time for a diagnostic test. We offer high-quality vehicle diagnostics in Hamilton. The diagnostic experts at Supreme Auto Care use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct a broad range of vehicle diagnostics services.

Your car’s air conditioner is likely to lose its cooling power over time; still, when having it regularly serviced and topped off, you’ll keep it always up and running. At Supreme Auto Care, we provide professional car air conditioning service, refrigerant gas top-off, repair, and car’s AC parts replacement.

Brands We Service

We are open to all customers and all kinds of vehicles! These are the brands we provide automotive service for.

What Customers Say About Us

Read our valued customers’ thoughts on our auto repair shop in Hamilton.

Lydia SantiaLydia Santia
23:16 02 Dec 23
The guys at Supreme are always so friendly and approachable. They’re honest and easy to talk to about your vehicle. I would recommend them to anyone in the area for quick, transparent, and reliable service. 5 stars!
Hamza SalahHamza Salah
18:15 04 Nov 23
I came all the way from Cambridge because of the good reviews .. I have to say it was worth it. Abdul is very professional, helpful, and patient.I needed my brakes and tires changed for the safety certificate, he was able to do everything within an hour.Thank you, and I will definitely be back again.
Jennifer ChigboJennifer Chigbo
13:53 13 Oct 23
If I could give 10 stars, I would. As someone who had never strayed from the dealership for car repairs, I was initially apprehensive. Abdul made the experience seamless; he was excellent in setting up the appointment, patient, and addressed all my inquiries. Upon arrival, I was equally impressed with Ahmed, who was accommodating and incredibly helpful. They not only fixed my brakes faster than expected but also offered very competitive pricing. In my opinion, they’re likely the top auto car repair service in Hamilton.Exceptional service all around and highly recommended!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
17:11 24 Aug 23
Great service. Abdul is a fair guy. I called him and told that I just need to replace the front and back brake pads. He was very upfront and clear. He found that the front brake pads were good and recommended not to replace them. It saved me cost but I know that this is the guy that I will definitely come back to for next repairs.
Cedar PrintsCedar Prints
19:08 09 May 22
This local family run business is where we service our work vehicles. They are honest, reliable and super professional. No more leaving car at mechanics all day for a 2hr job. The mechanic is very experienced, knowledgeable and wastes no time. Staff is friendly, and service has been so great we are now bringing our personal vehicles for all services and maintenance to be done. Thank you guys!
Candice SchrockCandice Schrock
13:54 03 May 22
The team at Supreme Auto Care was very friendly and helpful. I had to change my appointment time and they were always accommodating. I booked the Spring Special for tire change and oil change and it was a great deal! They charged a little extra for the oil change since my truck required extra oil, but they let me know about the charges ahead of time when I scheduled. Ahmed even went out of his way to help with some other questions I had. I will definitely be back...highly recommend!
Robin SmeltzerRobin Smeltzer
15:40 24 Apr 22
In the past I've always gone to my dealership...being a mature woman, I think it's a safer bet. Decided to give this business a chance as I drive by it daily on my way to work and noticed the specials on tire swap and oil change. Good customer service, good prices, good work. I felt respected and it was a good experience. I will go back. Really no need to pay dealership prices if you can find another business you trust. Thanks guys!
Chris BowesChris Bowes
17:19 16 Apr 22
I had a great experience getting an oil change and summer tires put on. These guys treated me like a friend and treated my car like it was their own. I’ll definitely keep getting my car serviced here, and I look forward to them expanding their services so I can come to them exclusively. Keep up the great work!
Michael TugayMichael Tugay
18:31 15 Apr 22
Had the pleasure of getting my car serviced at supreme auto care. Through my many experiences at different automotive shops, supreme auto care provides the best service! Both Abdul and Ahmed provide exceptional customer service and truly offer service at the best price. They aim to please all customers and make long term relationships. Would recommend getting your car serviced at supreme auto care.
Romin RaufRomin Rauf
01:48 03 Apr 22
I’ve been going to this talented mechanic for many years now and have built a professional relationship because he puts clients and their safety first. He takes his time to explain the issues and gives a fair price for everything. Friendly service, efficient and is honest.I went for many issues over the years that he has helped me fix.Changing tires, breaks, lights bulbs, engine, transmissions, rotors, and much more

Our Goal

Mechanics in Hamilton

Your utter comfort and safety are our main priorities! We have a whole team of highly trained technicians who do their best to make sure that your vehicle serves you well and aims to bring you comfort with our friendly atmosphere and the best auto service in Hamilton.

Why Should You Choose Us For Automotive Services

Strong work ethic

When it comes to the automotive business, good reputation is what sets a good mechanic shop from the rest. Building trust is not an easy task for any business. Therefore, we focus on building a good-base clientele with our hard work, fair prices, honest, and transparent approach with our customers.

Safety first

At Supreme Auto Care, we don’t compromise when it comes to customer’s safety. Your safety is our number one priority. Therefore, we make sure we only use the best tools, high-quality parts, fluids, and more. We make sure we take the vehicle out on a test drive before we hand the keys back to you. Despite you bringing your vehicle in for a quick and professional service, we always make sure to inspect the vehicle all around for any safety issue.

Staying close to you

We love our customers and we’re obsessed with great customer service. Therefore, we love staying close to them. Our presence on the web is important. We like to keep our social media up-to-date, and update our customers with our work, latest deals, and more. Some customers love communicating by email. Some others by text, or through social media. We can accomodate all of that, with a quick response.

Supreme Auto Care – Auto Care & Repair Shop


At Supreme Auto Care, our auto mechanics in Hamilton prioritize customer safety and satisfaction. We only use high-quality parts, fluids, and tools in all our automotive services. Our commitment to providing top-notch service ensures that your vehicle receives the best treatment possible. We take pride in delivering reliable and efficient solutions to our valued customers.

As trusted car mechanics in Hamilton, Supreme Auto Care prioritizes customer safety. During our services, we conduct thorough vehicle inspections to identify any potential safety issues. From checking essential components to test driving the vehicle, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your car is safe and road-worthy when it leaves our shop. Our dedication to quality service is unmatched.

At Supreme Auto Care, as an esteemed auto shop in Hamilton, our top priorities are customer comfort and safety. We achieve this by providing affordable, quick, and customer-oriented services. We use high-quality parts, fluids, and tools, conducting comprehensive vehicle inspections to ensure safety. Our great customer service extends to quick and responsive communication, accommodating various channels for our customers’ convenience.

At Supreme Auto Care, the leading auto shop in Hamilton, we offer a comprehensive range of automotive services. Our skilled mechanics handle everything from routine maintenance and repairs to more complex issues. We prioritize customer safety and satisfaction, providing top-notch services at affordable prices to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

At Supreme Auto Care, the trusted Hamilton auto repair shop, we believe in providing the best value to our customers. We maintain affordability by offering fair prices, transparent services, and efficient solutions. Our commitment to quality workmanship and using high-quality parts allows us to deliver top-notch service without breaking the bank.

Absolutely! At Supreme Auto Care, your trusted auto repair shop in Hamilton, we have the expertise and experience to handle a wide range of automotive issues, from minor repairs and maintenance to major repairs and diagnostics. Our skilled mechanics are well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions for all your automotive needs.

At Supreme Auto Care, our customer-oriented approach to auto repair services in Hamilton means putting our customers first. We prioritize your comfort and safety, offering quick, affordable, and reliable automotive solutions. With our strong work ethic and honest practices, we build trust and long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and peace of mind.

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