“Fix your car’s suspension in an hour guaranteed”

Did you know that it takes just one unbalanced tire to throw off the alignment of your vehicle? The result? A jarring, bumpy ride that can damage your tires and even put you at risk for an accident.

“You won’t find better prices anywhere”

We pride ourselves on offering affordable rates for our customers while still maintaining the highest level of quality work. Our services successfully combine quality and affordability, without sacrificing any of the quality.

  1. Schedule your service online.
  2. A technician will diagnose and assess your car.
  3. We’ll fix it up and get you back on the road!

Supreme Auto Care offers a 24-hour emergency service to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our team of certified technicians is always available for your convenience.

We offer free lifetime inspections and emergency repairs to keep you safe, no matter when you need us most. And we offer free lifetime replacements for any part that fails within 3 years after purchase, while supplies last!

Great for you

Don’t be left stranded

A sneeze, a speed bump, or a pothole could be all it takes to get your car’s suspension system into trouble. So don’t get stuck on the side of the road!

car suspension system

Your car deserves the best

Supreme Auto Care is a professional auto care and repair service center with years of experience. We are the only place you’ll need for all your car’s needs.