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If you start noticing that your car’s performance is not up to the mark, it could be high time for a diagnostic test. We offer high-quality vehicle diagnostics in Hamilton. The diagnostic experts at Supreme Auto Care use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct a broad range of vehicle diagnostics services.

On-board diagnostics (OBD) scanners used in many modern vehicles notify car owners of a problem without specifying what exactly has gone wrong. On the contrary, specialized software and testing tools help our technicians identify issues with the vehicle’s engine, exhaust system, transmission, brake system, fuel system, etc. Upon completing the diagnostic test, we’ll provide you with a detailed report on your vehicle’s condition and all services needed to get your car up and running.

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What Is Car Diagnostics Test & What Does It Tell You?

A car diagnostics test is a method of identifying faults causing problems to a vehicle’s systems with the help of specialized software. A full diagnostic test typically takes up to 90 minutes; however, the time can increase if any parts need to be removed.

A vehicle diagnostics test tells a vehicle owner about issues with the vehicle’s critical aspects, including the engine, emissions, braking, steering, and safety systems. In addition, a car diagnostics scan determines problems in other systems as well, such as climate control or GPS.

Importance of Car Diagnostic Testing

Having a regular scan conducted is a wise solution to ensure your peace of mind. The scan can detect a potential issue that could later turn into a costly repair, saving you time and stress. Car diagnostic testing is a quick and easy way to spot the problem your dash lights signify. In addition, by determining issues early, you increase your safety.

What Are the Signs You Should Get Engine Diagnostics?

Here are some sure signs indicating that your vehicle needs a diagnostic test:

  • engine warning light

  • abnormal noise

  • smoke coming from under the bonnet

  • vibrations under the brake

If you detect any of these signs, don’t delay your visit to the garage. Schedule an appointment with Supreme Auto Care to conduct a diagnostics test for your vehicle.

First, we check the engine light codes and then use a car diagnostic scanner to interpret any diagnostic codes. With this data at hand, our diagnostics experts get down to identifying issues and ways to fix them.

We can also help you with car repairs as well as air conditioning, brake repair, tire change, battery, or oil change. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we’ll work closely with you to make sure your expectations and needs are fully met.

Why Should You Choose Us For Vehicle Diagnostics in Hamilton, Ontario?

Save money

Although running an engine diagnostic can cost you some money, it’s worth it not only to know what could be wrong with your vehicle, but avoiding the trouble of fixing it on a worse stage, which can get costly!

Reduce future repairs

A great benefit to run a diagnostic scan on your vehicle is not only to find out what the actual problem is, but also to find out other possible issues which can cause more repairs in future, if not taken care of soon!

More safety

If your car runs well, that means you’re safe. And it’s not safe to drive the vehicle if there’s an engine light, or a warning light that’s on. Therefore, safety is above everything. It’s important to know if your engine is going through any trouble, or needs serious repair!