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A properly maintained exhaust system is crucial for preventing toxic carbon monoxide from getting into your car and minimizing exhaust noise, which translates into a safer and quieter ride. In addition, a damaged exhaust system is notorious for decreasing the engine’s efficiency and increasing fuel consumption. Not to mention, a faulty muffler or exhaust system often results in a failed emissions test.

At Supreme Auto Care, we offer professional auto repair services, including exhaust systems and muffler repair. Also, we can check your vehicle’s exhaust system to identify issues that are hard to detect with the naked eye.

Car Muffler

Muffler & Exhaust System Warning Signs

You can avoid many problems by promptly reacting to common symptoms indicating that your exhaust system needs repair:

  • your car has started to produce louder noises, or you can hear a ticking sound when accelerating

  • your vehicle’s fuel consumption has considerably risen

  • you can see corrosion on the surface of the exhaust system components

  • you can feel a burning smell — this could be an exhaust leak

  • you see dripping that comes from your muffler — the liquid can corrode the pipes and lead to a major leak

Once you notice any of these, visit a muffler repair and maintenance service as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk badly affecting your vehicle’s performance, getting carbon monoxide poisoning, and ending up with more expensive repairs in the future. At Supreme Auto Care, we offer high-quality muffler repair in Hamilton to help you keep your vehicle up and running at all times.

Exhaust System Components

The major components of an exhaust system include an exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, resonator, oxygen sensor, and exhaust pipe, which can be combined in different ways depending on the vehicle type and engine concept.

The pipes are mounted to the underside of the car with hangers, also known as exhaust supports.

Car Exhaust System