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Your car’s air conditioner is likely to lose its cooling power over time; still, when having it regularly serviced and topped off, you’ll keep it always up and running. At Supreme Auto Care, we provide professional car air conditioning service, refrigerant gas top-off, repair, and car’s AC parts replacement.

If your car’s air conditioning system doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, it might be time to show it to our AC experts. We can help you with a range of air conditioning problems, including:

air conditioner

  • refrigerant leaks — if you feel hot air blowing or spot a wet patch under your vehicle, it could be a refrigerant leak;

  • a broken fan — as a rule, a broken fan keeps on pushing air inside the vehicle, but it’s warm and slightly wet;

  • a bad condenser or compressor — loud noises often mean a problem with these;

  • debris buildup — dirt, dust, and debris can get into your AC system, adversely affecting its performance.

Maintenance of Car Air Conditioning System Is so Essential as Any Other Part of Your Vehicle

Your car’s air conditioner helps cool down your vehicle by blowing cold air into the cabin in hot months, so you’ll want to take proper care of it for the sake of your and your passengers’ comfort. However, you get a lot more by regularly maintaining your car’s air conditioner system:

Ensuring your vehicle‘s AC system’s optimal performance

Skipping your car’s AC service appointments can lead to decreasing its performance. On the contrary, having an experienced technician regularly examine your car’s cooling system ensures its most efficient operation.

Saving costs

By sticking to the routine of having your car’s AC regularly serviced, you can save significant costs in the long run. Let’s be honest: maintenance is less expensive than car air conditioning repair or replacement.

High air quality

The AC system in your car not only generates cold air — it cleans the air and controls humidity. Given that, the air quality in your car can worsen when the air conditioner doesn’t work properly. A clogged or dirty air filter can cause headaches, allergic reactions, or even breathing problems, so when investing in your car’s AC maintenance, you invest in your health too.

Maintaining your vehicle’s value

To preserve your vehicle’s value, it’s vital to ensure that all its parts function properly, the vehicle’s air conditioning system being no exception.

Heating & Cooling Warning Signs

  • the system doesn’t cool the car to the set temperature

  • the fan won’t work when set in AC mode

  • the fan is louder than usual

  • the dashboard indicates low coolant

  • there’s a frequent need to add coolant

  • some or all of the dash controls don’t work

  • heater, defroster, or vents don’t work

  • the vehicle overheats when the AC system is on

  • you can feel unusual odors

Car AC Filter

What We Do

At Supreme Auto Care, we provide the most efficient servicing and repair of auto air conditioning in Hamilton. When booking an appointment with our technicians, expect them to:

  • check the outlet temperature before and after the service
  • check the system pressures
  • carry out a visual inspection of your AC
  • inspect the air conditioning compressor
  • remove the refrigerant from the system
  • recharge the AC according to factory specifications
  • check the system for leak
  • check condenser fan and blower motor operation
  • examine the cabin air filter
  • check if the system is at the correct capacity
  • perform auto AC repair or parts replacement if needed

Why Should You Come To Supreme Auto Care For Car’s AC Service and Repair in Hamilton, Ontario

A comfortable drive

Either the temperature inside your vehicle is too cold or too hot, your ride won’t be enjoyable. Therefore, having the proper temperature inside your car makes your drive more pleasant.

Maximize your vehicle’s performance

When the A/C system fails, it means there’s a problem with your car, like an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, it’s always recommended to check on the performance of your A/C.

Better visibility on the road

Having the proper air flow onto your windshield can provide a better visibility down the road. It can reduce the amount of fog on your windows. Therefore a safer drive for you.


A malfunctioning A/C system can negatively impact your car’s performance, leading to increased fuel consumption and reduced engine efficiency. At Supreme Auto Care in Hamilton, our expert technicians diagnose and repair A/C system issues promptly. Our car AC repair services ensure optimal performance, providing a comfortable and efficient driving experience.

Driving with an ineffective A/C system can lead to discomfort during extreme weather conditions, reduced visibility due to fogged windows, and potential strain on the vehicle’s engine, impacting overall performance. At Supreme Auto Care in Hamilton, our car AC repair services address these issues, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience for our customers.

At Supreme Auto Care in Hamilton, our car AC repair service ensures that your vehicle’s cooling system operates efficiently. Our specialized car AC repair and maintenance services help reduce the need to rely on open windows for ventilation, leading to better aerodynamics and improved fuel efficiency. This helps you save on fuel consumption.