Not only does Window tint look cool, it feels cool as well with our revolutionary Prime line of window tint finishes. This performance redefines how window tint appears and protects to keep you comfortable at all times.

Our performing and extremely capable window tint blocks out 98% of inferred heat keeping vehicle occupants comfortable and protected no matter the environmental conditions. Thanks to a ceramic particle technology. Our product will give.

With 99% occupant protection against UV radiation, this tint achieves privacy and protection with a durable film that never fades or turn purple. Supreme Auto Care provides clear radio signal without hindering the performance of any of these devicestreatments and the windshield is topped off with Glassparency for improved visibility in poor weather conditions.

There are a number of benefits when it comes to getting your car windows tinted. Window tints reduce the sun’s glare and improves fuel efficiency, while reducing the use of air conditioning. Tinted windows offers an increased sense of security when you’re away from your vehicle. Window film reduces visibility from the outside, therefore lowering the risk of theft.