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Car Fleet Service and Maintenance

Taking care of your fleet vehicles is critical to an efficient and productive business. Your fleet management strategy should include regular maintenance to ensure your team’s safety, prevent costly repairs, and minimize downtime.

The team at Supreme Auto Care provides quality fleet services in the Hamilton area. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in working with all models of cars and pick-up trucks. Their genuine commitment to customer satisfaction will exceed your expectations.

Why You Need Fleet Service

Greater Safety

By sticking to a regular maintenance schedule, you’ll get peace of mind that your team members are safe. We’ll double-check brakes, steering and suspension systems, coupling devices, seatbelts, and tires to make sure each vehicle is safe to use.


Ongoing maintenance of fleet vehicles translates into reducing costs and increasing revenue. Otherwise, you can end up spending way more money on more serious repairs, losing productivity due to downtime, or damaging goods or equipment. Also, properly maintained fleets are more fuel-efficient. Not to mention, preventative maintenance is a sure way to extend the lifespan of vehicles.

Better Resale Value

Routine maintenance helps to keep vehicles in good health, which goes a long way toward increasing their resale value and getting better terms on a contract for leasing them out.

Ensuring Compliance

By regularly monitoring your fleet’s health, you can ensure that your vehicles comply with environmental regulations and other guidelines.

High-Quality Fleet Services for Commercial Customers

We provide comprehensive commercial services to fleet customers to help them ensure their fleets are in top shape at all times. By using our fleet maintenance services, you’ll get:

  • minimum downtime

  • hassle-free maintenance and repair service

  • boosting the value of your fleet

  • a customized maintenance schedule based on mileage

  • fleet diagnostic

  • roadside assistance

  • replacement parts that meet the OEM standards

  • guaranteed servicing

  • written assessment of all the repairs to be performed

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

By entrusting your vehicles to our fleet service, you’ll minimize potential risks caused by malfunctions that might be hard to notice with the naked eye. We’ll assist you with fixing minor issues before they turn into costly repairs, and maintain your vehicles to ensure their top performance and fuel efficiency.

Why Should You Choose Us For Fleet Services & Maintenance in Hamilton Area

Save your business

Maintaining your fleet vehicles regularly or just checking regularly on them can prevent you from any damage or future repairs on your vehicles. Which means preventing any slow-down in your business and progress.

Better gas mileage for your vehicles

Servicing and maintaining your work car / van is not only great for your business, it can also save you on your gas consumption, with the proper tire pressure, clean oil, a good battery and more..


Worrying about maintaining your work vehicles can be time consuming. Having the proper auto repair shop with the best technicians in town to maintain your fleet will be very good, not only for your business, but also for you to focus on your tasks.