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Cars, just like people, need the care to ensure they are well operating. And perhaps the most important aspect of vehicle maintenance is oil changes.

If the engine is well lubricated, it runs smoother, wears less, and overheats, which is good for both driving and service life.

With our crew, you can easily get an oil change when and where you may need it in Hamilton. Just pick the Supreme Auto Care location near you!

Car Engine Oil Changing

Supreme Auto Care – High-quality Oil Change in Hamilton, Ontario

When it comes to the car’s health, this is something that should be given special attention, as not only the vehicle’s condition depends on this, but also your safety.

Oil change is not about extremely difficult tasks, however, to make everything go as it should, such a job must be entrusted to professionals whose skills and knowledge allow them to complete this task quickly and efficiently!

If you want your car to be well-maintained and cost less to operate, visit Supreme Auto Care, and no appointment is even needed! With our certified technicians and warranty-approved services, oil changes in Hamilton can be way easier.

Our Oil Change Service Includes

We offer full car care services to keep your vehicle in good condition. When visiting us, you can get:

Oil Pouring into Car Engine

  • Quality motor oil and oil filter replacement if needed.
  • Inspection of car’s wiper blades, lights, belts, chassis, etc. 
  • Tire repair in Hamilton, as well as pressure check and adjust. 
  • Lubrication (oil changes, coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer).
  • Other car repair services, and extras like a courtesy check after the first visit.

If you need an oil change in Hamilton or any other service regarding vehicle condition, Supreme Auto Care is a great place to make all of these successfully complete without wasting your time and efforts! 

When Should You Replace Your Oil?

There are several factors you should consider to know when you may need to change your oil. Some of the main include vehicle’s mileage, model, and year. Information in your owner’s manual should also be paid attention to, especially if your car is under warranty.

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Generally, we recommend our customers replace their oil after every 4,000-5,000 miles driven (for the average city driver it is about 1 time in six months). Also, with every 10,000-12,000 miles oil filter becomes dirty, so it is worth replacing it at least once a year (the best option is to replace it at the same time when changing the oil).

Other common factors to know it’s time for an oil change are that the car doesn’t start well or stalls more often, the oil is too dark, the vehicle doesn’t get up to high speeds, the engine heats faster or works more loudly. 

So when you feel something has changed when driving and your car doesn’t work as smoothly as before, it is a good reason to get car care. Visit Supreme Auto Care in Hamilton, and we will find the way to make your car operate as well as it should!

What Kind Of Oil Should You Use?

It depends on the car model and year. 

There are conventional (10W30 / 5W30) and synthetic oils. 10W30 is the most common one, however, for newer car models 5W30 is recommended. 

Synthetic oil is often used with high-performance engines and more extreme conditions (heat or cold weather), as it remains stable in such cases.

In addition, your owner’s manual should include information about the preferable oil type for your car.

Best Oil Changing in Hamilton

Why Should You Choose Us For Oil Changes

Quick turnaround

Most of the customers look for a quick oil change for their vehicle. At Supreme Auto Care, our oil change service is done in no more than 15 minutes.

Best quality product

Either your vehicle calls for regular oil or synthetic, we, at Supreme Auto Care, make sure we provide the best quality oil for your engine.

Better life for your car

Not just we guarantee the best quality of oil we use, but we also take in consideration the proper size of filter, for a cleaner and a happier life for your engine parts.


Yes, at Supreme Auto Care in Hamilton, we provide oil filter replacement along with high-quality motor oil during our oil change service. Our team ensures that your vehicle’s engine is well taken care of with top-grade filters and motor oil for optimal performance. Your satisfaction and your car’s well-being are our top priorities for every oil change in Hamilton.

During the oil change service at Supreme Auto Care in Hamilton, our experienced technicians inspect various components of your car, including wiper blades, lights, belts, chassis, and more. We believe in providing comprehensive car care, ensuring that your vehicle is in good condition and running smoothly after every oil change in Hamilton.

Absolutely, at Supreme Auto Care, the best oil change service in Hamilton, we offer tire repair, pressure check, and adjustment as part of our comprehensive oil change package. Our aim is to ensure your vehicle’s safety and optimal performance, and our skilled team takes care of all your car care needs during every visit.

Yes, at Supreme Auto Care, the best oil change service in Hamilton, we value our loyal customers and offer special discounts and packages for regular oil change services. Our goal is to make car maintenance affordable and convenient, rewarding our customers for choosing us for their car care needs.